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Inital Page of the ALternative Modeling Website.

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Learn how to make and paint static scale models with recicleble materials according to the alternative modeling tutorial.

Organize and prepare the materials e tools; Lists of good materials and tools to use; Get the necessary aircraft data to model it; How to procede with scale; Painting and construction techniques; The hawker hurricane tutorial; Tips on flying models...

 Construction Methodology    Lear some usefull techniques    Step by step Hurricane Tutorial 
 Who is helping the community 

Technical papers that discuss about modeling techniques, tools, materials and modeling. - A tutorial complement... Read about the models restoration, decals use and production, use and tools improvise...

 The last technical papers   Complete list of papers 

What has motived me to maintain this website... See of what is this Alternative Modeling about.

Some WWII aircraft diagrams and the usefull data to model them, like lenght, height, wingspan and engine. These are the basic data to start the assemble of an alternative mockup by using my tutorials techniques.

 Aricraft data and drawings    Hawker Hurricane MKI structural drawings 

A selection of photographies and pictures that shows WWII aircrafts structural details.

Some examples of what can be done with the featured tutorial techniques, showing my 1/32 scale models that were made from paper, cardboard, beer cans, polyetilene, and some others. Curtis p-40, Focke Wulf FW-190, P-51 Mustang, Supermarine Spitfire, Hawker Hurricane MK-I...

There are the Adolfo Caetano's models too. He uses their own techniques to make his models, but they are alternative models too.

 My alternative models    Adolfo Caetano's models 

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Here you will see usefull links to the alternative modeling entusiast, to get aircrafts data on the internet and to learn modeling techniques...

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