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Improving the community experience

Historic and technical contents

I'm working on the possibility to provide the historical framework of some WWII airplanes on the aircraft's info page.

That historical content will be provided as bibliographic referenced historical papers.

Maybe you can post your own papers too. It can be a way to you give feedback to the community.

By the same way, you would post thecnical modeling and arts papers too.

Schematic drawings

I will post some other schematic drawings in near future.

Website beauthing and functionality

I'm trying to correct some of my website design mistakes. Can you help me? Take a few minutes to give-me feedback and/or take part into my pool.

Maintaining the alternative modeling tutorial

I'm very busy now... Whem I get some free time, I will take a look in my tutorial. It's not full translated at now, but expect something in near future. At now, you can learn more about the proposed thecniques at the papers page. Not translated yet!

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The Website News:

August, 15th, 2005

There are some new scale model pics from the people who visits this website. See these models here.

January, 16th, 2005

I have added some new pictures of the lettest added Adolfo Caetano's models

See the pictures on the models website section.

November, 06th, 2004

I just added new pictures of Adolfo Caetano's impressive work.

He makes old ships too! You will see again how his work is impressive!

See the pictures on the models website section.

August, 25th, 2004

I have added a new technical paper on hobby work security... It was not translated, althought.

August, 13th, 2004

I have just finished a series of code optimizations on my website, and it will work faster and more reliable now that I reduced the excess of http trafic. Moreover, I have revised the Website map, and I just included some new pics of my alternative models.

August, 1st, 2004

Due to http traffic problems I just made some design and code modifications on the entire website...

May, 09th, 2004

Finally I found some people who is contributing to make this website better. They're sending publicable material trought e-mail. Their contributtions can be seen at the tutorials page and at the My models page...

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