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Arts and Scale Model Community

The last addiction to the site was made at 08/15/2005. See at the website newsletter...

Learn how to make and paint scale models from scratch, with materials as paper, cardboard boxes or beer can

This site presents:

  • Pics of my own scale models.
  • Pics and WWII aircraft data
  • Modeling tutorials showing how to make models, and what the best tools to make and paint your scale models and dioramas.
  • Technical papers showing how to store materials, how to produce decals and how to use tools (Portuguese Language only at now).
  • Discussion Forum to discuss about modeling hobby, painting, arts and history.

Alternative modeling is static scale modeling using paper, cardboard boxes, beer can and several other reciclable materials.

You can make dioramas with the techniques and tools presented in my tutorials. They will teach you how to use, store and paint the alternative materials.

The pics, drawings and aircraft data will help ypu to make your scale models from scratch.

My featured papers deal with the used tools, how to make decals, scale models restoration and with materials storage and conservation.

How to use cardboard boxes, paper, beer can, glue and other home trash reciclable materials to make scale models and dioramas, using simple tools, and internet data!

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